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Bass Drum (Bass Drum)

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General Info
Year Composed: 2012
Duration: 15:00
November 18, 2013, Tim Perry.

Bass Drum is a satirical journey that means to explore the progression that every musician makes, starting when they first discover their instrument to the point of mastery. It has been said that it takes 10,000 hours to master an instrument, and this piece will scale these 10,000 hours into approximately 10 minutes worth of music. It is very important to focus the energy of these 15 minutes to make sure that the message is passed successfully and that the piece doesn't drag.


The piece is meant to be theatrical and humorous but is not a piece to take lightly or to be "faked". Ideally, the instructions provided should be followed very closely and the performer's interpretation may come into play at the points indicated.


Finally, many bass drum sounds are explored in this piece and there may be sounds that have not been attempted by the performer before. It is important that the performer experiments with the drum in order to gain some idea of the sounds that are desired. I also encourage the performer to try as many different sounds as possible (perhaps even ones not notated). These sounds discovered may in the beginning of the piece there is much more room for attempting new sounds as it is the part of the piece that mimics the phase of learning one's instrument where a young player is trying to find his/her sound, by whatever means necessary. Do not take this overboard, but some flexibility of sound may be required, depending on the drum and the performer. I sincerely hope you enjoy the piece. be include as is appropriate in the context of the piece. For instance,

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