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As a musician, Brice has strived to relate the enduring relationships of life and faith, to his music. He is focused on committing to his calling and has found that trust is vital in truly expressing himself and the art form he wishes to convey. Creativity, in his opinion, is a gift that should not be squandered, but should be nurtured and brought to its full potential.

February 2017

Society of Composers, ASU has put on an amazing concert at the Marston Theatre for Earth and Space Exploration. My Piece, can you hear me? was featured amidst other ASU Composers.

July 2016

My piece for percussion and electronics, Tesla, has been selected to be premiered at the College Music Society 's National Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico!

May 2016

The premiere of my orchestral work, Primal Silhouettes, was a huge success! Thanks to the Fort Smith Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of John Jeter, for this amazing opportunity!

January 2016

My Orchestral piece, Zámbiza, chosen as the winner of ASU's Concert of Soloists composition this year!

December 2015

My piece for Wind Ensemble,  A Glimpse in Time, was premiered by the ASU Wind Ensemble at the Redshift Concert here on ASU's campus. It was an exciting outdoor concert held at the W.P. Carey School of Business building, with the entire Wind Ensemble spread around the space. People walking to class were stunned and excited by the concert!
May 2015
Excellent performance and recording of my newest work, Uncharted, at the Phoenix Art Museum! Thanks to all of the performers and congratulations to all the composers involved!

Featured Works

Primal Silhouettes

Primal Silhouettes is a work commissioned and premiered by the Fort Smith Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of John Jeter. It is a work that explores the inner brutality of humanity’s most basic instincts and presents the withstanding question: are we all just animals or can we somehow rise above?


Zámbiza is a province in Quito, Ecuador. In 2013, my wife and I traveled on a Mission/Humanitarian trip to this region. We were charged with bringing food, clothing, toys, and joy to the people of a very impoverished area of the world. While in the province of Zámbiza, we traveled to the city dump. This piece is not meant to manifest the exact emotions in the listener that I felt as I watched people scurry through the trash, but it is a deep inner reflection of what I saw and experienced. My time in Zámbiza will not be forgotten. 


Instead of Nikola Tesla's electrical currents, this work explores alternating sonic currents. In today's world, the 60 Hz hum of industrialism is a constant in our lives. To emulate this, deep electronic drones produce atmospheric elements, while two drums oscillate in and out of phase to create a continuous stream of sonic information. This constant flow of sound, paired with sporadic and often "random" bursts of color, gives this piece its high voltage disposition.

The Mogollon Rim

The Mogollon Rim is a topographical and geological feature running across the U.S. state of Arizona. It extends approximately 200 miles from northern Yavapai County eastward, nearing the border with New Mexico. I had the opportunity to hike several miles along the beautiful landscape. This piece is a reflection of my time hiking along the rim, focusing on native wildlife and ecosystems of this region in Arizona. 

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