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Sandbox (Piano)

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General Info
Year(s) Composed: 2013
Duration: 8:00

James Loughrey - Piano

Performed November 18, 2013

As a piano student, I found myself especially enjoying music written for children. This is not necessarily music to be played by children, but pieces that show the playful and joyful spirit of the musician. I was highly inspired by such pieces as: Debussy’s Children’s Corner, Khachaturian’s Adventures of Ivan, and even Schelle’s Struwwelpeter. This is my multi-movement child inspired song.


The following instructions are given to the performer for each movement:


I. Sandbox—Fill the piano with sand and let a child make you a castle...*


II. Pretty Kitty—To be played by a cat, with a cat, or on a cat...**


III. CHOO-CHOO!—Don’t forget your train whistle...


IV. Lil’ Teddy’s Adventure—Take your favorite teddy bear and set him/her atop the piano...***


V. Bedtime—You may want your pillow...


* According to Butler’s strict “no sand in the piano” policy we were unable to play this movement as intended and ask you to use your imagination.

** Featuring Jim’s Cat, Jill who unfortunately was too skittish to perform (we all get our fair share of stage fright)

***Featuring the original Lil’ Teddy (my Wife, Samantha’s favorite teddy bear).


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