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Transmutational Confessions - Fission : Fusion

(Concerto for Percussion)

Movement I


Movement 2


Movement 3


Transmutational Confessions—Fission:Fusion is an original concerto, written for solo percussionist and orchestra. I have taken the traditional form and style that often accompanies a Concerto and have joined elements that make this work unique.


Multiple layers of musical and dramatic techniques were homogenized into a piece that is atypical in contrast to the standard concerto genre. In this way, the piece serves as both an obviously similar collaborated (fusion) and yet uniquely divided (fission) take on the concerto. It is a piece that morphs in time, and presents the dichotomy of an individual’s psyche, specifically my unique polarity. It is not an autobiography of personal traits, but the subject matter is derived from my personality.


The given title, Transmutational Confessions, is a metaphor of how this work reveals my distinct metamorphosis and constant mutation as a musician and as a person during my graduate studies. 

General Info
Year Composed: 2013
Duration: 22:00
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