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Two Preludes (Harp and Marimba)

I started writing a suite for Harp and Marimba my sophomore year of college. These two pieces show off the beautiful timbres of the Marimba and Harp together. Each instrument offers a complex array of sounds, techniques, and virtuosity.


Together they make a truly creative combination that is extremely pleasant to the listener.


Prelude No. 1 is a rhythmic piece designed to challenge the Harpist and Marimbist with syncopated ideas that fit together to form a rich texture of harmony. The cascading melody in the Harp and strong rhythmic idea from the Marimba carries the piece through several different challenging ideas that present the sounds of each instrument in new interesting ways.


Prelude No. 2 utilizes the lower registers of the Marimba and, in the first section, creates a drone upon which the Harp melody rests. In the middle section there is a sequence of Marimba rhythm in 3 that goes against the same melody in 4 from the Harp. Eventually the two meet up again to restate the melody and complete the piece.

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General Info
Year Composed: 2011
Duration: 5:00
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