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Master Plan (Pierrot Ensemble)

In the truest form of Flattery to the great Arnold Schoenberg, I decided to write a “semi-serialized” work as my first ever Pierrot Ensemble piece. I chose the twelve-tone row: E, D, Gb, Bb, B, Eb, G, Ab, C, Db, F, A.

The engineering involved in creating a serialized piece of music, reminds me of programming an electronic schematic. I tried to visualize my score with this in mind, and create a visually stimulating work.
There are three Movements of this work (so far):


I. Operation Piggyback—Performers focus on “piggybacking” off one another as they complete musical phrases by dividing elements between players.

II. Remaining Fragments—Ideas return in fractured forms, as they move closer and closer to chaos.

III. Blind Mice—Outlining a familiar children’s tune, serialized lines create a polyphony of disjointed sonorities.


The goal of this work is to create ensemble unity and focus on the interplay of instruments, as well as a visually stimulating score.

Score for purchase:
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General Info
Year Composed: 2014
Duration: 3:00
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