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Piece for the Asymmetrical Mind 

(Marimba Trio)

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General Info
Year Composed: 2011
Duration: 4:00

My Piece for the Asymmetrical Mind (2011) was written as a percussion trio that was premiered at the Ball State new music convention in March of 2011.


It is quite the performance challenge. The piece contains a number of melodic/rhythmic ostinati played on marimbas in various combinations between the players. The asymmetrical structure of this piece can be seen in the fact that each ostinato pattern is 31 sixteenth notes long (one sixteenth note shy of eight quarter notes in length). Then in the middle there is a short section featuring a unison rhythm that is 15 sixteenth notes long (one sixteenth shy of four quarters notes in length) and a selection of drum solos. In spite of the difficult rhythmic patterns, the piece has a strong pulse (even though it may be a little difficult to tap along with your foot) and is a blast to play.

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