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Uncharted (2015)

Soldiers Tale Ensemble (violin, double bass, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, trombone [doubling conch], percussion)

Brush the Skies (2015)

A. Sax, Vln.

Master Plan (2014)

Pierrot Ensemble (flute, violin, bass clarinet, cello, piano)

Afterthought (2014)

violin, cello, oboe, trombone, guitar, piano

The Mogollon Rim (2014)

string quartet

A Sight-Reader's Nightmare (2013)

any instruments

Natural Selection (2012)

any instruments

The Tide (2011)

Clarinet, alto saxophone, cello, percussion—marimba/vibraphone

Purge (2011)

Violin, euphonium, percussion

Piece for the Asymmetrical Mind (2011)

Trio of marimbas and percussion accessories

Two Preludes (2010)

Harp and Marimba

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"His music is always contagious, sensitive, imaginative and alluring ... sometimes strikingly eccentric and cutting-edge ... and always well conceived, well-crafted and completely professional." -Michael Schelle

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